These are videos of various classes that have been converted from 8MM Home Movies to DIGITAL. The work behind these creations must have been incredible. They trully capture some of our glorious past.  These videos have been uploaded to YOUTUBE. Enjoy!!!

There are also some links to various videos that others have found on YOUTUBE That have been forwarded to me. Most are rather amazing or good for a chuckle.


    AQCG Class 1967 Video 66 Nationals

    AQCG Class 1969 Video Part 1

    AQCG Class 1969 Video Part 2

    AQCG Class 1973 Sherburne 73

    AQCG Class 1973 Lemoyne 74

    AQCG Class 1973 Cicero 74

    Fr Whitley Suprise Party 2012 (Coming Soon)

    Drill Team For Retired Guys Part 1 (Totally Hilareous)

    Drill Team For Retired Guys Part 2 (Could this be us?)

    Top Secret Drum Corps Basel Tattoo 2012

    Hot Scots Drum Line 2011

    The Best Drum Show Ever

    Sorisomail Drum Corp

    Drumline Last Battle

    Best Drumline Video Amazing